Instructor: Tim Scull

Date: August 14,15, 16

Tuition: $365

Times: August 14: 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.

August 15: 8:00a.m.-finish

August 16: 9:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

Description:  This is an exceptionally unusual and intensive two and a half day hands-on

workshop ,covering in depth, variations on saggar firing (reduction, oxidation, clay saggars, foil saggars and paper clay saggars).  Application of terra sig and burnishing techniques will also be covered.  Participants are encouraged to bring as many as 30 moderately sized pots,  20 of these pots should be sigged or burnished and bisqued prior to the workshop. The remaining pots will be sigged at CCW with colored sigillatas. Tim’s firing techniques are very specific to achieve particular and desired

results. A wealth of knowledge and information will be shared in this

workshop and will most certainly bring terrific results.

The use of numerous sulfates and chlorides will be covered.  Day one will entail extensive demos and lectures on the use of Terra Sig, polishing bone dry wares, and burnishing . These wares would then be

bisque fire overnight in preparation for day two, when we will explore a

variety of alternative firing techniques. The last day will cover the

unloading of numerous kilns, cleaning and polishing the newly-fired wares

and a critique of our results


Dynamic Saggar Fired Pottery


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    Photography by Ron Jaworski & Hunter Neal