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You Truly Get What You Pay For!


For over 22 years the Canton Clay Works has been instructing and nurturing thousands of ceramic students and artists from across the United States. We have a welcoming, sharing, encouraging regional and local community always mentoring and assisting new students in our creative clay center. 


Why Choose the
as your Community Clay Center?

Staff and Faculty: 


CCW has a wonderful and friendly staff always able to help and solve students problems. Owner, Tim Scull, lives and works at CCW 24/7 and is regularly able to assist and direct students in their creative journey with clay. We frequently rotate our faculty with extremely talented and sharing teaching artists bringing fresh approaches to the learning

of ceramic arts. 



It is rare to find a Ceramic Studio anywhere in the US that facilitates the volume and variety of kilns and firing techniques found here at CCW. Our numerous kilns (12) fire with great reliability producing wonderful results. 

Wood Firing:

CW hosts two of the more frequently fired wood kins found in the Eastern US. We have an active and enthusiastic base of wood-firing artists who join and support us in our monthly firings. Sometimes we even fire two wood kilns at the same time, making for an exceptionally unique and extraordinary experience. 

Gas Reduction Firing: 

We have recently rebuilt our Sprung Arch Gas reduction kiln. Having downsized the kiln we are now able to fire with greater frequency, with faster turnover of students' creations. If you are tired of long waits for your wares to get fired at your present studio, we are now firing our Gas Reduction Kiln aprox. once per month in addition to our wood firings. You can count on getting spectacular results

and great colors from this new kiln. 


Raku, Saggar, Smoke Fired Pottery: 

Tim regularly offers affordable workshops in numerous alternative firing techniques. People travel far and wide, going home with awesome and beautiful results. Tim has become nationally renowned for these firing techniques, showing in countless galleries across the US. 


Are you tired of working with glazes that are disappointing and lack consistency? Here at CCW we have been developing glazes for 22 years. We have a fabulous collection of over 100 reliable glazes and slips rarely found in any studio. This is truly a unique studio in which to learn about glazes and how they fire reliably giving spectacular results. 



Retail Opportunities Open Up: 

Countless ceramic artists are finding that many Retail opportunities are opening up due to the high quality of wares they are firing here at CCW. Every year there are opportunities for the CCW community of potters to sell their work through our local events. This past summer we exhibited and sold at the Collinsville Farmers Market for 8 weeks with a stunning volume of sales. 

Make CCW Your Home away from Home: 

CCW is nestled in the cozy Northwest Hills of CT. The facility is located in the Historic Canton Creamery building from the late 1800’s. The beautiful property is inundated with flower and vegetable gardens, bamboo, orchards , berry patches, even a meadow and trout stream. We also raise ducks , chickens, and rabbits . You will always be lovingly greeted by Tims two sweet Welsh Springers, Brynn and Lani. Students and guests are welcome to use our small kitchen and coffee station as well as outdoor seating, picnic, and meditation areas. 


Canton Clay Works
there is no place like it!!!! 

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