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Firing Services

CCW  offers  Terrific Firing Opportunities for ceramic artists , not enrolled in our educational or SPA programs.


Firing opportunities will include Bisque, Wood/Soda, Gas Glaze Reduction firing.  Please scroll down to see more info on our wood firing program


Acceptance of an individual’s work will be reviewed on a person to person basis. 

All clay must be a Cone 10- 11 clay body.


Countless spectacular CCW glazes and Flashing Slips are included in the firing fees. 


Firing Fee structure:

Bisque Firing:  3 cents per cubic inch Wood Firing ,

Climbing Train Kiln or Naborigama:  Cone 10-11 8 cents per cubic inch 

1/2 template = 3000 cubic inches @.08 = $240

1Full template = 6000 cubic inches@.08= $480


Volume overages will be managed on firing per firing basis.

These rates do not include Bisque firing. There will be an

additional charge of .03 per cubic inch for bisque firing.

Everyone will be required to pre-pay the full amount for the space

reserved, whether they use the space or not. Refunds for space

not used will not be given. I will be available to measure in

everyone’s pots just prior to the glazing period before firings. It is

imperative for both planning and maximizing firing results, that the

kiln be fully loaded at the time of firing.

Everyone will need to be vigilant in managing their inventory (volume) as well as their commitment.

Participants Responsibilities:

  • All reserved space needs to be paid for in advance.

  • There are no refunds or credits for cancelations.

  • Reservations for volume will be a minimal of 1/2 template.Templates can not be shared.

  • All participants are required to sign up for a minimum of two shifts. Loading or Firing shifts. Reservations for more than one template will require additional shifts.

  • Participants have an option to pay additional fees for CCW staff to full fill their firing shifts 

  • Participants need to contact Tim to sign up for delivery and a glazing time slot. 

CCW is now offering a New High Fire Glaze/Gas reduction firing service 

Countless CCW beautiful and reliable cone 10-11 reduction glazes are included in this firing service. Fee Structure: 7 cents per cubic inch 


Pick up and Delivery:  Pick up and delivery will be done by appointment only.



To Pay your firing fee invoice from our past firings click on the Buy Now link for Invoice Payment 

Kiln Firing services

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Firing Dates

May 23-28 Train Kiln  

       Unloading June 4 @ 12 noon 

June 21- June 25 Train Kiln  

       Unloading July 2 @10:00a.m. 

CCW is Hosting Participants from New England Wood Firing Conference for more info visit 

CCW regular customers are welcome to join us 

July 25- 30 Naborigama 

       Unloading August 6 @10:00a.m.  

August 29-Sept 3 Naborigama  

       Unloading Sept 9 @10:00a.m. 

Oct 24-29  Train Kiln  

       Unloading Sun Nov 5 @12 noon 

Nov 13-19 Naborigama   

    Unloading Nov 26 @12 noon  

Dec 12-17 Train Kiln  

       Unloading Dec 22 Time TBA 


We understand that unforeseen circumstances  can occur, however, please take commitments to participate seriously and with forethought. Please do not participate if  you  do not have flexibility in your schedule

Those wanting to wood fire their wares without actual firing participation can do so by incurring an additional charge. Wood Kiln firings require a high degree of physicality.

It should be noted that the pit area and the wood kilns are not handicapped accessible. 

Rock Creek Naborigama

At the Canton Clay Works, our unique Naborigama (designed by renown kiln designer Will Ruggles) has been fired over 300 in the past 19 years, making it one of the most frequently fired wood kilns in the USA. For 48 hours the kilns numerous chambers are stoked with wood every 3-5 minutes. The pots in the first chamber are fired in a reduction atmosphere resulting in deep, rich color tone in the clay body, decorative slips, and glazes. The second chamber is considered a Salt/Soda Chamber, volatilized with12 pounds of a salt and sodium mixture, resulting in an atmosphere saturated with vapor that bonds with the silica contained in the clay body, creating a one of a kind sodium silicate glaze.

Climbing Train Kiln

Added to our kiln yard in 2017 is unique Climbing Train Kiln (100+ cubic feet), a contemporary rendition of an ancient Anagama (tunnel or tube kiln). This new design was introduced to the U.S. by John Neely of Utah State University, after a trip to Japan. A unique feature of this design is the fire box, known as a burry box, with an unusual stepped grate system on the bottom of the burry box. This is an exceptionally efficient wood-fired kiln that fires faster, with great fuel efficiency resulting in similar results of an Anagama in far less time and using far less energy.

North Carolina’s internationally renowned potter, Judith Duff has made a wonderful CAD program of her kiln based on John Neely’s design. It is from this design that I have made a few unique adaptations:  a dramatic increase in size, three Hikidashi ports (means: “to open and pull out), a step in elevation in the large ware chamber (making this a Climbing Train Kiln), the addition of five brick arches, and the unusual hoistable insulated steel center arch, allowing for an aging potter to stand while loading and unloading. Our newly added Climbing Train Kiln’s construction was completed in early June 2017.



Our Wood Firing Program and Crew

Our Naborigama (named Yuki) is one of the more frequently fired wood kilns in North America.

We have fired her close over 350 times since building her in 2003. We are presently firing her about 7 times per year. In our crazy youthful days we were known to fire her 20 times per year. We are presently firing our Climbing Train Kiln 4-5 time per year. Our firing crew and shift supervisors are comprised of CCW staff, members, and experienced visiting participants. Many of these individuals have been firing our kiln for the past 19 years, accumulating hundreds and hundreds of hours of experience per person. We have achieved very consistent results through the years while firing the first chamber in reduction and the second chamber in light reduction with a vapor of salt/soda. The average duration of firing is 48-50+ hours. We generally start loading the kiln at 12 noon on the first day of the two-three days scheduled for firing. Usually, we begin firing at 4:00 p.m., right after loading and continue until 6:00 p.m. two days later .The majority of our firings are scheduled on weekends. All participants are expected to assist in loading and to participate in at least  two 4-hour firing shifts. We are not a drop off firing program; we strongly believe that wood firing is a community experience with all its educational value in hands-on experience. Most of our un-loadings occur 5-7 days after the completion of the firing.


Firing Fees, Payments, Volume

Our firing fee structure is one of the lowest in the eastern U.S. for wood firing. We charge 8 cents per cubic inch.  We ask that visiting participants request and commit to a template of volume (space) in the firing. Participants should order a full template or a minimum 1/2 template of space. (a full template equals 24"x24"x12" , a half template equals 24"x12"x12"). Please do not stack when organizing your wares and keep in mind that there will be a 1/2 inch shelf holding each layer of wares in the kiln. When you arrive we make it very easy by quickly measuring each item.



To pay your firing fee invoice from our past firings

just click on the Buy Now link below,

for Invoice Payment through


There are no refunds for cancellations.


For those of you wanting more formal information on our wood firing program. We offer a few different unique wood firing educational opportunities each year.


Glazes and Flashing Slips

CCW's Naborigama delivers great and consistent results for wood and salt/soda glazes as well as a full palette of flashing slips. We supply more glazes and slips than most well-known universities. We are regularly adding new slips and glazes. It can be confusing, therefore we encourage new participants to keep it simple. Many visitors arrive the day before a firing to start their glazing and slip applications, but many people also complete their glazing the morning of the firing before loading. It is recommended that only individuals with an understanding of the application of high fire glazes consider participating because this wood-firing program is not a workshop scenario with a full day of instruction. Beginners should consider enrolling in a workshop at CCW.


Clay Bodies

There are many clay bodies that will work well with wood firing.

All clay bodies must be cone 10-11 clay bodies. No exceptions!!!


We are presently testing several clay bodies for the ClimbingTrain Kiln. Please contact Tim in regards to

progress with other clay bodies.


(The use of porcelain has a tendency to warp open forms in our cross draft kiln.  Closed forms work quite well.)

Recommendations: (all clay bodies are cone 10-11)

Laguna B Mix Wood                terrific in wood reduction chamber formulated with Helmar

Laguna #510                            a great porcelainous stoneware (white)

Laguna #900                            brown stoneware

Laguna #950                            groggy brown stoneware

Sheffield #T3                           tan with iron specks

Sheffield Z Clay                       brown stoneware (fabulous in salt chamber)

Standard #119                        Light brown stoneware good in both chambers

Standard #621.                       Buff clay body formulated with Helmar

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