Facility Usage



SPA usage option is available beginning  Oct. 1- Dec. 31 2022 

to individuals of 21 years or older who have exhibited dedication to the advancement of their personal skills and goals.

Usage Fee Structure:

Fall 2022  Oct. 1- Dec. 31

Payment made by Oct. 1
Payment made after Oct. 1
Cantonclayworks Studio

Studio Potter Associate Services :

  • Use of studio facilities seven days per week, 9 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. We will be closed occasionally on Mondays TBA   

  • All SPA participating in all upcoming wood firings will be required to make a nonrefundable deposit for each wood firing.

  • Participation in wood/soda firings as needed (participants are required to sign up for loading and firing shifts)


  • SPA must have all the construction of their wares / ceramic art complete by the end of the usage period. SPA may return if needed, by appointment only, to complete their glazing in accordance with CCW firing schedules TBA


  • All clay used at CCW must be purchased at CCW. Prices for the numerous clays provided can be found on the Studio Supplies page.

  • Firing fees are 4.5 cents per cubic inch. Glaze, bisque, and wood/soda or gas firing are covered in this fee. This rate applies to wares made only during the usage period

  • SPA’s must be able to function 100% independently in the CCW studio. Tim is not available via intercom for questions unless an emergency situation arises.

  • SPA’s must be able to unlock, disarm, relock and activate the CCW alarm system.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • In the case of SPA cancellation request, the SPA will be granted a credit for the remainder of the SPA usage period minus a $150.00 cancellation fee. In the case that CCW is mandated by the State of CT to temporarily close due to COVID -19 health issues, all SPA’s will be issued a credit for future CCW programs after thestate has approved reopening.


All studio supplies are for pickup only at CCW  -  CT sales tax  not included

Tucker Porcelain 22lbs                                                                 $30
Tim's Mix Light brown stoneware with silica sand and sawdust      25lbs          $30
Brown Stoneware Laguna #900      25lbs                                   $30

Not recommended for the Train Kiln

White  Stoneware  Laguna #510  25lbs                                     $30
White  Stoneware  Laguna #510 with Kyanite  25lbs                 $30
B Mix Wood           25lbs                                                              $30
Sheffield # 42 Deep Brown- Black Stoneware  25lbs                $30
Tool Kits                                                                                         $20
B Mix Cone 10       25lbs                                                              $30
STAR WORKS Course White Stoneware     25lbs                     $30


Schefield Wood Lite     25lbs                                                     $30
Lapidary Grinding Belts                                                              $3