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Wood Kilns

wood kilns

Rock Creek Naborigama

At the Canton Clay Works, our unique Naborigama (designed by renowned kiln designer Will Ruggles) has been fired over 300 in the last 18 years, making it one of the most frequently fired wood kilns in the USA. For 48-50 hours the kilns numerous chambers are stoked with wood every 3-5 minutes. The pots in the first chamber are fired in a reduction atmosphere resulting in deep, rich color tone in the clay body, decorative slips, and glazes. The second chamber is considered a Soda Chamber, volatilized with 12 pounds of a salt and sodium mixture, resulting in an atmosphere saturated with vapor that bonds with the silica contained in the clay body, creating a one of a kind sodium silicate glaze.

CCW Nanborigama kiln
Nanborigama Kiln
CCW Nanborigama kiln firing

Climbing Train Kiln

other kilns

An exciting addition to our wood firing program is our new Climbing Train Kiln (100+ cubic feet), a contemporary rendition of an ancient Anagama (tunnel or tube kiln). This new design was introduced to the U.S. by John Neely of Utah State University, after a trip to Japan. A unique feature of this design is the fire box, known as a burry box, with an unusual stepped grate system on the bottom of the burry box. This is an exceptionally efficient wood-fired kiln that fires faster, with great fuel efficiency resulting in similar results of an Anagama in far less time and energy.


North Carolina’s internationally renowned potter, Judith Duff has made a wonderful CAD program of her kiln based on John Neely’s design. It is from this design that I had made a few unique adaptations: a dramatic increase in size, three Hikidashi ports (means: “to open and pull out), a step in elevation in the large ware chamber (making this a Climbing Train Kiln), the addition of five brick arches, and the unusual hoistable insulated steel center arch, allowing for an aging potter to stand while loading and unloading. Our newest addition, our Climbing Train Kiln’s construction was completed in Early June 2017.

Click to view a small sample of the Train Kiln results as they were coming out.

For individuals interested in Wood firing with us at CCW , just click here  for information on participating.

Other Kilns

Supporting my eclectic interest in numerous firing techniques, I have designed and built several varieties of kilns that are used frequently.  


My inventory of kilns at the Canton Clay Works include:

Two-Chambered Naborigama

100 + cubic foot Climbing Train Kiln

50 cubic foot Gas Reduction Kiln

10 Cubic foot Drum style Raku Kiln

10 Cubic foot Drum style Saggar Oxidation  Kiln

30 Cubic foot Saggar Reduction  Kiln

30 Cubic foot Sawdust Kiln

30 Cubic  feet of digital Electric Oxidation Kilns

CCW unloading Kiln
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