2022 Workshop Schedule

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The Raku Journey
 Oct. 9&10

Oct. 9 &10
Tuition $375.00

This is an exceptional opportunity to explore a myriad of firing techniques using a Raku Kiln. Several aternative methods and techniques for Raku firings will be covered , incorporating fused glass, coppers wires, and copper mess.We will use several of Tims specific Raku glazes, in addition to fuming techniques with mineral salts to gain unique colors and finishes. Smoke fired techniques ie Candy Raku Naked Raku , Obvara, Feather firing, and Horsehair firing will all be covered in this two day workshop. Participants may bring up to 20 moderate sizes wares. It is recommended that 1/2 of them should be burnished or polished with Terra Sig, in advance of the workshop, if possible. 

Dynamic Saggar Fired Pottery
Dynamic Saggar Fired Pottery


Nov. 12 & 13

Join this rare opportunity to participate in our

New, Two 1/2 Day Saggar Firing Workshop.

9:00am-1:00P.M. Both Days 

Tim has been Saggar firing for 30 years developing some stunning and one-of-a-kind finishes on pottery that he sells to galleries nationwide. Come and explore the myriad of colors and natural patterns created in oxidation Saggar firing.

This Fall's offering will included two mornings, firing for a maximum of 10 participants who are at least advanced beginners. Each participant may bring ten bisqued pots preferably burnished or polished with Terra Sig. 

Nov. 12 & 13
9:00am-1:00pm Both Days
Tuition $195.00

We recommend using a smooth white high fire stoneware for all pieces. Best not to use a clay with grog. CCW has a variety of clays for sale that would be recommended. 

Click here to order clay.

Pieces may be hand built or wheel thrown.