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Employment Opportunities


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The Canton Clay Works is presently accepting applications for two paid

internships positions. Canton Clay Works, LLC is a premier ceramic studio in northwest CT,

featuring an extraordinary studio with several sophisticated kilns seldom found in a small

privately-owned facility.

Internship applicants must be hardworking and reliable individuals with a comprehensive

education and/or experience in throwing and hand building techniques.

12-15 “studio hours” of paid studio assistance on average per week required. Some weeks

may require less than 12-15 hours and some weeks may require more than 12-15 hours

depending upon the volume of activities in the studio. Additional paid hours of work outside of

normal duties may be available throughout the year.

Mixing glazes, pugging clay, studio maintenance, preparation of wood (moving and/ or

stacking), maintenance and firing of numerous kilns (two varieties of wood kilns, Naborigama

(salt and soda) and Climbing Train Kiln), Raku, Saggar and gas reduction. Facility and building

maintenance duties such as shoveling walkways during winter months will also be included.

This is a fabulous opportunity for the serious ceramic artist to develop new works, portfolio

pieces, while receiving extensive and detailed training and experience firing numerous varieties

of kiln. Hours incurred making the individual’s own ceramic wares, loading, and firing of those

wares are not considered part of the “studio hours”

• All positions will complete an initial 90-day trial period. A one-year commitment from our

applicants is requested. Visit our website to learn more about us at Send artist statement, resume, written references and e- portfolio

to For questions, call 860-693-1000.

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