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Tim Scull

Ceramic  Studio

New Summer Classes
are live!

Unleash your inner artist and get your hands dirty this summer! 

Join our pottery classes for a hands-on experience in crafting beautiful ceramics. Whether you're a seasoned potter or a curious beginner, discover the art of pottery with us.

Tim Scull


Tim Scull smiles, surrounded by his artwork

“The Fire Within” has been a recurring theme in my 30 years in the world of ceramic arts. Clay’s diversification in culture, technology, design, and functionality has overwhelmed me with excitement and ambition to explore many of the genres found in our field.


The spirit one finds when working with clay has made me a survivor of a childhood of extensive and damaging abuse. This internal fire drives me to make every day and every creation a positive advancement in self-exploration, coupled with boundless freedom in my relationship to clay. With a childlike sense of humor, I call myself a multi-personality potter, as over the last 30 years I have developed a level of expertise in several genres of ceramic art. When displaying my art in nationally juried shows, I usually surprise my audience and promoters with a highly diversified collection emerging from “The Fire Within”.


I have spent many years fully committed to ceramic education as the managing director of the ceramics department at the Farmington Valley Arts Center in Avon, CT. After 10 years, I moved forward and opened the Canton Clay Works LLC in Canton, CT. After spending the last 21 years expanding the Canton Clay Works, I have developed an extraordinary studio and school with sophisticated kilns seldom found in a small privately owned facility. Only recently have I changed the course in my journey with clay, leaving the daily teacher and school director/owner behind.

My future days will be devoted to further adventures in the development of new ceramic art.


The extensive facility at the Canton Clay Works will continue to provide serious ceramic artists with opportunities to develop their creative paths, using my facility with its numerous and exciting kilns.





The Pots

My eclectic collection of wares are made of stoneware and porcelain fired in a myriad of kilns ranging from Raku to Wood Fired. The majority of my wheel-thrown pieces concentrate on forms emerging from the “Domi Form” (female goddess form).



I have recently been exploring the freedom of hand-building. My pots are all one of a kind with unique idiosyncrasies and signatures  created from the flames, atmosphere, and vapor found in my numerous combustion 


a decorative ceramic vase
a hand-built ceramic sculpture
a decorative ceramic vase

An excerpt from “The  Fire Within"  

A Documentary produced by WGBY, Public Television for Western Massachusetts. Click here to see the entire show.

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with clay.” 

- Ron Jaworski -

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Canton Clay Works

150 Cherry Brook Rd., Canton CT 06019

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